Coils Processing Plant

RRM has one of the largest Cold Rolling Mill Complex with an installed capacity of 150,000 MT per annum.

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Phase III Production

The product mix includes HRPO, CR Coil/sheet, CRCA Coil/Sheet, Galvanized Plain and Corrugated Coils/sheets and Color Coated Coils/sheets.

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Rebar Processing Plant

Phase II has an installed capacity of 72000 MT of High quality Thermo Mechanically Treated Steel Re-bars (TMT) to support the construction requirement of Uganda and beyond.

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Rebar Strength

Higher strengths combined with better elongation values compared to conventional rebars. Hence a clear saving in steel approx 15-20%.

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Corrosion Resistance

Manufactured using chemical elements, such as copper, phosphorous, nickel and chromium, range of rebars is capable to bear the humid conditions of the coastal areas.

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Galvanized Wire Processing

State of the art machinery manufactured in Canada with a patented high turbulence pickling system and environmentally friendly production.

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Quality you can trust

The galvanized wire is of highest quality, with a tensile strength of 350 to 550 Mega Pascal and zinc coating of 50 to 350 grams per square meter.

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Production Capacity

Phase I provides galvanized wire in different sizes such as 1.58mm, 1.8mm,2mm, 2.24mm, 2.38mm, 3mm and 4mm

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Phase III Machinery

RRM plants & Machineries chosen from best technological supplier, around the Globe for energy efficient, cost effective and team of Professionals and suppliers.

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Cold Rolling Mill Complex

Hot Dip Non-Ox Continuous Galvanizing Line with online 4-Hi Skin Pass mill and Tension Leveler.

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US$125 million investment

The plant has an annual capacity of 150,000 Mt. and employing 1500 people.

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RRM is an injection of $125,000,000 into the Ugandan economy. $8 million was invested in a wire galvanizing plant unlike any other in Sub - Saharan Africa with highly advanced machinery manufactured and imported from Canada, Germany and Italy.
$15 million was invested in a hot rolling mill plant with a very unique Air Pollution Control System that recycles 6 Million kilograms of burn losses of C02.
$100 million was invested in a Pickling, Cold Rolling, Batch Annealing, Galvanizing and Color Coating plant. This plant houses a unique Acid Regeneration Plant (ARP) which will regenerate and recycle Hydrochloric Acid, which otherwise could cause great potential degradation to environment we live in.

Strength of a nation

Yodogawa Steel Works Technology

RRM has acquired technical assistance and equity participation from world renowned Yodogawa Steel Works (YSW) from Japan.

Largest Cold Rolling Mill Complex

Comprised of "Push pull pickling line, 6-Hi Cold Rolling Mill, Hot Dip Non-Ox Continuous Galvanizing Line, and Continuous Color Coating Line"